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About Verly Construction Group

We are a professional building firm based in Mississauga, Ontario.

At Verly our commitment and goal, since its inception has been to provide our customers with quality workmanship and complete satisfaction for the projects they entrust us with. We have been able to meet our commitments and achieve our goals with continuous growth due to the dedication and quality of our staff.

We hire and train our staff based on our industry’s highest standards to ensure quality and satisfaction for our customers. We continually strive towards setting ourselves apart from the ordinary, to go that extra mile so that we stand alone in a world full of ordinary companies. We want our customers to have complete trust and confidence in our ability to complete their projects in an efficient and cost effect way which in turn adds value to there project.

“We are going to relentlessly pursue perfection, knowing that we will never achieve it.  WE are going to pursue perfection because along the way we will catch up to excellence.  We are not the least bit interested in good.” 

-Vince Lombardi

Company History


Verly Construction Group was founded in 1988 by Mr. Paul Catania as President and Chief Executive Officer in Mississauga, Ontario operating from his home.  He had begun as a small commercial renovations and drywall contractor with a staff of four.


In 1990, the company moved to Tomken Road in Mississauga until 1994.  At that time, the business was relocated to a property the company purchased on Kennedy Road in Brampton.


In 1996, due to the continuous growth of our operations, we relocated to a stand-alone office building in Mississauga.  At that time, we were operating with a staff of approximately 9 individuals.


In 2014, Verly’s ongoing growth required another move.  Just around the corner, a building with a large enough yard to better manage a growing fleet of equipment and tools became available, and Verly moved operations to its new 13,000-square-foot building.


In 2021, Verly’s commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence in the workplace naturally led to a goal of wanting to achieve a National Certificate of Recognition Standard ( COR®). This recognition is awarded to employers that implement and maintain Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS) that exceed regulatory requirements.


In 2023, Verly successfully achieved  COR®, a National Certificate of Recognition Standard.


Currently, Verly has a total management, administrative, and workforce staff of over 30.  The company has been able to maintain a well-controlled progressive growth since its inception in 1988. We truly believe that this controlled growth has contributed to the company’s success.  It has also enabled us never to jeopardize the quality of service and workmanship we provide to our clients.